Hell's Pavement

Here are some alternate ideas for my illustration for Station Zero, the vintage sci-fi inspired show from Light Grey Art Lab. I can't share my final illustration just yet, but you can see it at the opening July 19 from 7-10 PM. Over 80 artists are participating, re-imagining awesome old science fiction paperback covers as rad posters. It's gonna be good! Read more about it here.

My book was Hell's Pavement by Damon Knight. The book takes place in a future where every human being is given an analogue, a sort of hallucination of an authority figure that prevents people from committing acts of violence or other behavior detrimental to society. Society consists of a number of semi-autonomous city-states (similar to those in Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson), each with its own set of (to us) arbitrary societal rules. The story follows Arthur, who is immune to the analogue treatment, as he fakes his way through and tries to escape from this oppressive society. He eventually finds a group of other immunes attempting to overthrow the system. I won't say more! It's actually pretty good. Though the meaning of the title of the book still sort of eludes me.

Stay tuned to peep the final illustration after July 19!

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